Often times, I find that Amex does not instantly approve new credit card apps.
Moreover, Amex provides the best customer services in the market.Related Want to see how I earn enough points and miles to travel for free?Max Number of Amex Cards, keep in mind that the maximum number of American Express credit cards is four (4). If you already have four (4) active Amex credit cards, you will NOT get approved for a 5th.My experience is that Ticketmaster has two kinds of pre-sales for amex cardholders. The application goes from denied back into IN progress stage without an additional hard pull.The other 300 win mag clamp on muzzle brake big banks.If your Amex application status is denied or pending, you can call or to speak with a live credit analyst.To get your grievances addressed, just call American Express 1800 number and get in touch with their representatives.Call up Amex to cancel one of your credit cards.Select check application: Here is an example of the results: calling american express Reconsideration Phone Line / Number.With over 110 million active American Express (Amex) credit card users in the world, the American express is the 17th most popular company in the world according to the Fortune magazine. Amex might still be hurting from their recent loss of Costco and will go the extra step to acquire new customers (just my theory). Again, it is ymmv, but this is where you really need to sell yourself.What to Say to the Amex Credit Analysts.

Corporate john lewis gift experiences platinum card member customer service: (toll-free within the.S.Check online, the fastest and easiest way to check your status is using the.For products of lower prices which cant be returned anymore, the entire amount is refunded by American Express.Membership currency reward: American Express provides its users with the access to two of the best available currencies available for rewards, Starwood being one among them.Excellent reward programmes: One of the most amazing benefits of having an American Express credit card is that if you buy something using the Amex card and unfortunately lose them, Amex will buy you the exact same item cool gifts for 5 year old boy again.Gold Card pre-sales are only for Gold, Platinum and Centurion cardholders.No password is required, but you must complete the transaction with an amex card.Due to its immense dedication towards the protection of interests of its customers, Amex has earned a place in the hearts of its users. Credit analysts have the power approve you over the phone so be nice!The company had a share.9 of the dollar transactions that happened in the US in 2016.American Express Card Application Status website and am always pleasantly surprised that it shows.

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Enter your social security number and the zip code you entered on your credit card application.
Purchase protection: If you are not satisfied with any of the products, you may feel free to contact Amex customer support executives through American Express helpline number and they will take care of all disputes with merchants.