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Getting published on BuzzFeed is extremely easy and the content on their site ranks really well.
Screenshots/videos simple screenshots of the product in action, along with a walkthrough video.
The results of this "shortened" study is they only give you multiple choice questions in the areas that you answered incorrectly in their assessment testing.
I'm not talking about using any black hat SEO techniques here.This article started ranking from a number of 'vegetarian when to pay gift tax recipe' related keywords and continues to bring a steady stream of traffic through to my site.Getting in touch with the editors is close to impossible because they have so many requests coming through to them every day.I've been working on a lot of exciting projects over the past year, but there's one in particular that's really stood out for.Before deciding on a CPA Review course, be sure to download a copy of the aicpa Blueprints (they're free!) and see what we're talking about.For any reason or if you dont like what you find inside, contact me anytime or we have an online support center to help with any concerns or issues that you may have.The email must address the recipient by their name.It's a great quick win.This is exactly what we did with BuildFire.The above post was to drive traffic through to my food blog.Yaeger CPA Review materials cover every single aicpa Blueprint.Within the BuildFire campaign, a competitor and industry analysis report was compiled with all the data that had been gathered, along with a full strategic commentary to make sense of it all.Thanks a lot for your time.You don't get that kind of longevity by offering an inferior CPA exam program.
Speeches/interviews any talks at events or interviews with your founders.

All Yaeger students are encouraged to take advantage of our customer support.Never send over the content in the pitch email.As you can see from the above screenshot, this has resulted in a staggering 74,783 new sessions and 4,285 new user registrations.Within the BuildFire campaign, we had a steady flow of links coming through for content that ranked for terms like, "how to promote an android app good christmas gifts to get your boss "how to submit to the app store" and "how to market an app".Get started today on your CPA journey!Our entire teaching staff, support CPA's, and most important, owner Phil Yaeger (CPA, cgma, PhD, MBA) are available to help our students.This is something that I've done a lot of, particularly within BuzzFeed.Here's a screenshot from Webmaster Tools that shows the huge traction we've had with ranking the blog content in the search engines: The thing to remember here is that growing a successful blog takes time.The site has tons of different contributors that write content for it on a regular basis.
Taking a look at the most popular Product Hunt submissions of all time will reveal all kinds of products (both free and paid).

Ive attached a few screenshots of what the app looks like, and heres a link to a video that demos exactly how it works.