Immediate family like parents and siblings give more money than casual friends.
This Chinese New Year, wish your dear ones good luck, fortune and happy times with a range of exciting gifts.
For all occasions, certain amounts of money are to be avoided.
If you go to a wedding, the money in the red envelope should be equivalent to a nice gift customized family tree gifts that would be given at a Western wedding.In business settings where more than one person will receive a gift, the most senior person should receive the most expensive gift.How Should I Wrap the Gift?If you are given a gift, you should also repay the gift with something of equal value.There is great debate over how much to give: The amount of money in red envelopes given to children for.Chinese Lanterns, you can choose the red lanterns that come with pictures of Chinese characters and animals like the dragon or rabbit.If you are concerned about whether giving a gift is appropriate, it is okay to say the gift is from your company rather than you.In this article, you will learn about gifts, gift giving, and gift ideas that are appropriate in China, and which gifts are not appropriate (and should be avoided).One of the interesting Chinese New Year gifts is an exquisite piece of jewelry like a silver longevity pendant or a Chinese zodiac diamond necklace.If someone has just moved into a new house, it would be appropriate to give a vase, or hua ping, as it also sounds like peace.Chinese Gift Symbolism, Gift-Giving, Gift Advice, Taboos.
You can get that special someone a jewelry box with the Chinese love symbol engraved on its lid.

If you are giving a red envelope, there are a few points to remember.Such a plant is twisted in spirals to get rid of negative vibes and bring in positivity.Some of the flowers you can choose are peony, azalea, and narcissus.Even numbers, except four, are better than odd.Anything you can get at a Western market or grocery story will suffice, but specialty chocolate will be sure to leave a lasting impression.Fresh fruits and flowers are widely used for home decor on this special occasion.For employees at work, the year-end bonus is typically the equivalent of one months wage though the amount can vary from enough money to buy a small gift to more than one months wage.
Alternatively, you can gift animal figurines like Jade horses, dragons, and elephants.