SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally went there in "The Inmates of Summer." Museums/Libraries Fry Cook Museum - Seen in Neptune's Spatula.
Organizations Citizens of Bikini Bottom United to Keep SpongeBob SquarePants off the Road and out of Boats all Together ( ) - Self-explanatory.
This was seen in the episode, "Larry's Gym." Bikini Bottom Hug Fest - As seen in the episode, "Ditchin".
Parody of House of Pizza.Seen in " adobe lightroom mac student discount Ghost Host." Mattresses And Then Some - The mattress store where SpongeBob and Patrick buy the mattress that causes.The dump is protected by a green guard worm wearing a spiked collar and a chain link fence.There are models of chef fish holding spatulas, a fish with an apple in its mouth, a chef hat, an octopus chef model with 8 oven mitts, a display that says forks plus spoons equals spork, sandwiches, profiles of chefs.It is now painted purple and there is a fence around his khadi discount code house because SpongeBob did it by his uncle Blue's request in the episode "Blackjack." His garage has only been seen.The outside has a garage to the side, a door in the middle, two front windows on the second floor resembling eyes, a window on each "ear and a back window overlooking the backyard.Also, biotrue oneday 90 pack rebate the performance of " Best Day Ever." In " Sponge-Cano!It was seen in "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie".Mattress Discount - Mattress store in which Tom works.It is almost always on the Krusty Krab menu.
(Actual prices may vary).

The Seven Seas - An art movie theater where Spongebob and his fancy friends go and watch the 'Table where Squidward gets kicked out of the theater.It just only appeared in the Episode: Sing a Song of Patrick.The fact that Stinky did not put more work and care into his business is surprising because of his success, fortune, and "love for the kids".It is mostly made of wood and metal screws.It only appears in the episode: Penny Foolish.They operate both local and long-distance service.They have their own airplanes that transport its products.Bikini Bottom in the snow.From Other Time Periods Basic Prehistoric Era Basic prehistoric Bikini Bottom appeared in " SB-129 " and " Ugh." Features a jungle area and tall grass.