Its no joke - my colleagues were shocked who saw them as I am known to keep a nice clean car - and the worst part is that I can really no longer address it with this business - they can say the damage was.
Paying less for something imperfect and just cheap isnt satisfying.
I let them get away with.
It wasnt until today - the day after installation - that I truly saw what an incredibly disgraceful state my car had been delivered.Remembering how little the installation cost was I sucked it up and decided to clean the wheels myself - and - with the exception of the clumped grease which took a little bit of work was able to wipe it from the wheels and tires.Dont do the same - make the time and take the time to take pics of your wheels in the parking lot at Costco before you even.Three dealerships each finished with 89 points: Fountain Tire, Tire Barn and if this doesnt scare you, nothing will m, which received Excellents in price paid, selection and checkout ease.But they were right - in the end.No one with 90 points had a Fair or Poor score.Irritating - but fixable.It finished with 90 points, and had overall "Excellent" scores in 1) price paid, 2) quality of installation, and 3) returns and exchanges.61 bought a different brand than the one they previously had on their car.Road hazard coverage is lumped into the chain's certificate for repair, refund, or replacement, which covers tires for three years after purchase.According to the accompanying story by CRs Jeff Bartlett, * 86 of the respondents researched tires before buying them.

Discount tire/america'S tire: 21/tire, discount Tire and America's Tire locations, both owned by the same company, claim a 19 base cost for tire installation, but it's worth noting that we were"d 21 per tire.I noticed a lot of whitish grease on the wheels but did not really make issue of it - and left.The cost to repair the damage with a wheel restoration shop - in time without car (renting a car as the wheel repair shop essentially needs the wheels off the car to do their work) is only eclipsed by the cost to purchase 4 new.Once the replacement tires are selected, there are many schnucks gift card center retailers to choose from, wrote Bartlett.Discount Tire came in.I could have lived with lack of cleanup but not damage.That was where they won.Sears Auto Centers did not fare nearly as well, with 80 points; one Poor rating (free perks three Fair ratings and five Good ratings will do that to you.
And both exceed the most expensive installation estimate I researched while shopping for tires.