But there are now plenty of other good sites and eBay is starting to feel the heat.
The best overall alternative though is probably Bonanza.This website is for collectable sellers only.The site doesnt charge commissions or final value fees like most places.The cost is already included in the commission fee.You would think by now that an ecommerce site would own its own.com name.Until recently, there havent been any real alternatives to eBay for internet sellers.Youll be on your own to protect your privacy and handle your own transaction by cash or check.When a negotiation concludes successfully, iOffer charges the seller a final value fee based on a sliding scale.They broo shampoo gift set also have a focus on community and social sharing that other sites lack which is really nice.First Id have to say that if one of the niche sites matches what you do that would probably be the your best option.Pros: Live chat support, allows Skype between buyers and sellers.Competition is high and so are the fees but it can be a good trade for the amount of traffic your listing will receive.It is simple, elegant, cheap, and becoming more and more popular.Cons: Highest fees, frustratingly complex fee structure.Cons: Less traffic than Etsy.This site is best suited for high-end antiques and collectible sellers who have the money to pay fees up front.
Onlineauction Onlineauction is a true auction site where the highest bid wins.

This site is for antique sellers only.Pros: Highly specialized niche marketplace guarantees buyers are there to see items like yours.You should read each review carefully to see which one is right for you.Pros: Free and lots of categories.It will appeal to the artist, craftsman, or antiques dealer who has a tight budget.Craigslist also doesnt have any personal or transaction safeguards. .While many sites allow you to import your eBay auctions, Tias actually has a function to automatically hero world challenge prize money breakdown submit your items to eBay instead.Its important to note that traffic rank helps you see how many people visit a site and gives you a general idea of its overall popularity.Artfire ArtFire is an interactive online community designed to bring together buyers and sellers of artistic goods.Etsy, etsy is focused on handmade and vintage items. .
Its original tech based site m and now m for additional sales.
Payment Processor: Google Checkout, Checkout by Amazon, Paypal, Money Order.

They do seem to have a focus on higher-end clothing and fashion though, so if thats what you sell you might do particularly well here.
It is one of the oldest antique shops on the web.