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Last month McClatchy acquired Tru Measure, a Colorado-based company that tracks the effectiveness of Internet ad campaigns, including that of McClatchys online marketing tool impressLocal.Phased moves from 1 Herald Plaza to Doral reportedly could begin April.The Miami Herald Media Company (mhmc) is investing another 12 million toward the newspapers new home at 3511 NW 91st Ave.However, the Miami Herald declined numerous requests for comment.Lets thank McClatchy for the investment and faith they have shown.The demolition of the.Those photos, Chapman is certain, have value.

If somebody did something bad, it was front page on the local section.Detailed coverage of more than 40 local communities means the Miami Herald is in touch with its readership.When management isnt allowed donate money as a gift to replace people who leave, and those remaining have to take two-week unpaid furloughs, what can you expect?They include investigative reporter Scott Hiaasen, who is reportedly seeking a career in law; roving correspondent Frances Robles, who left in November to join the New York Times ; school board specialist Laura Isensee, now working for Houston public radio; features and obituary writer Elinor.Im optimistic about all of this, he says.Herald employees hung on the walls of the front lobby at 1 Herald Plaza, many of them, like myself, nobel prize 2004 who werent there anymore, she says.
Its not as though its losing money.
Theres no news organization that comes close to it in Miami.

The, miami Herald has called 1 Herald Plaza home since 1963.