Elon Musk himself acknowledged them, poking fun at the scambots concept in the following tweet.
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Ethereum giveaway scam bots are the pet peeve of any cryptocurrency Twitter user, with these malicious accounts littering the comment sections of tweets. Last month, The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) hosted a promotional codes ncc home learning workshop titled Decrypting Cryptocurrency Scams to examine the latest wave of crypto-related scams.Closing off the interview, the scammer, referred to as ethgiveaway by Boing Boing, explained that Twitter verified accounts (the accounts with a blue checkmark beside their name) while costing upwards of 1,000, are of no use to scammers anymore, as mooches (scammed individuals) will send ETH.Guerbuez, the aforementioned cryptocurrency evangelist and personality, first encountered this form of cryptocurrency scam on his Twitter, with an account promising his followers free Ethereum. .Incredibly, right under Musks clearly tongue-in-cheek tweet, a fake Elon Musk handle soon appeared touting a purported crypto giveaway from the Tesla founder, in a now-deleted tweet.Twitter's been slow to react, furthermore, while this scam can be carried out via email spam, Facebook or Instagram comments, Twitter has remained the crooks' favorite platform.These pesky scam bots have become so widespread that Vitalik Buterin, a well-known co-founder of Ethereum, had to go as far as changing his username to set his account apart from scam accounts.As with other similar cases of high profile accounts on Twitter being targeted by the scam giveaway botnet, the network of dummy accounts used retweets and likes to push the fraudulent reply to the very top of the thread so that it appeared immediately after.According to a recent tweet by John Backus, founder of Bloom and Cognito, two blockchain-powered apps, crooks promoting these giveaway scams have made 8,148 Ether (4.3 million) just from the Ether funds sent to the 468 Ethereum addresses tracked by the site.The overwhelming amount of scammers makes it hard for the crypto community to stay active on Twitter.Nevertheless, with a limited support staff, and with all the hate speech and terrorist propaganda happening on the platform, it is somewhat understandable why Twitter has been slow to react.Along with changing his name, the Ethereum co-founder even called out Twitter CEO, jack Dorsey to fix the issue.Shatner most famous for his.Read more about: Ethereum (ETH poll, are you still using crypto Twitter?Oddly enough, the scammer agreed, likely due to the fact that the operator was a big fan of Guerbuezs social media outlets.Oct 31, 2018, show more.
These so-called giveaway scam bots are fraudulent Twitter accounts that pose as celebrities, entrepreneurs or even cryptocurrency personalities to garner attention or cryptocurrencies.
While this figure may not tell the whole story, with bots getting banned left and right, Duo Securitys search spanned 88 million Twitter accounts, so the firms claims hold some credence at the very least.

Notably, the Star Trek actor was appointed to be the spokesman for Solar Alliance Energy, a Vancouver based firm that is about to launch the worlds first solar-powered Bitcoin mining operation.Obviously, nothing ever comes of these requests, as the unfortunate few who send their funds to the addresses never receive anything in return.Yes, how can you fall for these scams anyway?Twitter's "Ether giveaway" scam problem, the latter category has recently become rampant on Twitter, and on a daily basis, the social network's most popular tweets are often inundated by these "Ether giveaway" scams.One transaction discount golf coupons michigan stands out: a transfer of 30ETH, almost 16k at the time of writing, to a scammer impersonating Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift.PS: Some of these Ether giveaway scams have also been known to be promoted from hacked Twitter verified accounts, so the " don't send money to Internet strangers " advice is more adequate than you think.At first glance, the name and photo at the top of the page seem to check out, especially as the posters URL is m elonmusk, which is the correct spelling of the Space X founders name.According to the unnamed individual, these scams can rake in upwards of 50,000 a day, with a good day potentially pulling in a staggering 100,000.The only manual process is cashing out.Barely a few hours after crypto giveaway scam bots on Twitter targeted the official account of Pope Francis to promote a fake bitcoin giveaway, Elon Musk has again been targeted while taking a playful jab at the now-ubiquitous Twitter scam.
The most notable cases of these scams include Twitter giving away ETH scams, with scammers requesting for users to send a certain amount of Ether to an address, in exchange for a substantially larger payout.

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