Pyramid Gift Box, one of the simplest unique gift wrapping ideas in this list, which still maintains an air of creativity and uniqueness.
Wonderful Gift Box Looking for a unique gift box that is both simple to make, yet elegant to look at?
Its a perfect unique gift wrap that every bakers would love to receive!
Getting this box is like getting a gift!Santa Pants Children love candies and Santa Claus, so why not give them both at the same time?Dress Gift Box This is actually a design for a favor box, the kinds you find at a wedding.Secret Box, heres a beautiful, elegant and unique gift wrapping idea that is great for keeping secrets.Bird House Gift Box This cute bird house gift box is definitely unique and creative.Donut Gift Box Know someone who loves donuts?Gift for mom or your significant other?
The time cat themed gifts nz of curvy gift wrappers has come.

This gift-wrapping idea is the perfect two-in-one approach.Instead of the regular rectangular gift wrapping, this takes on the different but still lovable pyramid shape!These tiny sliced cake boxes could fit small gifts, and you can just simply do the math to divide them carefully!Wrap the both of them together like a pineapple.Suit and Tie Wrapper, another creative and unique gift wrapping idea that would make every gentleman swoonI mean, approve while slowly nodding.Why not deliver your gift like how you would a cake?Its also very useful for any other gifting occasion!
Its a matchbox sized suit wrapper which is not only adorable, but can be reused for multiple regifting adventures.
It even has the iconic carrot nose!

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Fun Favour Box A wrapping technique that resembles Kisses and better yet, its fairly easy to make and open.
It is fairly easy to do, it only requires you to be a little diligent in your paper cutting skills!