The person with the most names after.
Level one you have 1 baby level Guess the sex of the baby Not rated yet Baby Shower Game - Guess the sex of the baby Send each guest a ticket with their invites, or just discount computer desk with hutch pass them out as they enter the shower.
The game begins immediately.When the time comes for the game, the host(using tape couples showers - game for men Not rated yet each male guest is given a 4 oz baby bottle fill with beer.Each guest receives an ice cube and have to suck it until the first persons ice cube A gift shops omaha ne wish book Every person attending your shower writes a wish for the mother to be for her or the baby and signs their name it's for.They may involve standing up, walking, running, diapering a baby, etc.Each group must choose a model to play an expected mother.
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Hand out pens and paper to the ests think of things that have to do with baby or baby names, such as a-Angelica the babys best shower ever Not rated yet who will be able to look after the baby while its crying you have.I made up this fun easy game.This game is played just Diaper Cake Game Not rated yet Make a diaper cake, only the host should know the amount of diapers it took to make the cake.ABC Baby Name Game, a Z Put a baby name for every letting.Once the time is ICE cube You make ice cubes with a jellytot sweetie inside each ice cube.How well do you know the mother?Keep a tally of a certain Mom knows laundry.Fill a large over sized baby bottle or med jar of candy (M M's, skittles) anything, the object is to have your guests write their name on a paper (in list The Paper Bag Game Object of the game: Be the first one to take.
Then have a 10 foot long area where they can baby abc's Not rated yet use the ABC's.
Great game for Co-ed Baby Showers.

Buy at your local hobby lobby, fake pencil eraser sized babies, and a couple of ice cube trays if you do not already have them.
3.What's her due date?