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On a même envoyé un costume à un militaire canadien déployé en Afghanistan qui voulait amuser les enfants là-bas.I love foxes and this head is our new type of shapes.Vice interview furries, thank you for the view!My project when well.#curatorreview #curratorreview #fursuit 144 7, this month suits!À Wendake, communauté autochtone huronne wendat près de Québec, Aniouchka a conçu et lancé son entreprise.Fur The Win Studios doù elle expédie des costumes conçus et réalisés sur mesure et sur commande pour des clients un peu partout sur terre.196 16, lynx head #curatorreview #fursuit We dont do a lot of felines and surely this is our first lynx!#curratorreview #curatorreview 317 16, first corgi!Furry Amino is a community app where furries are welcome to express themselves!I died, fred died joce died xD The light brown was hard to find and actually it wasnt online at all!If so how much would a partial be of this floof boi roughly be?
This was made two weeks ago!


Have fun to everyone who's going!336 4, heads by ftws!Search, yES Bad Gene Fullsuit by Fur The Win Studio.La jeune entrepreneure, jeune maman de 30 ans avait bien une touche artistique à sa palette dactivités, car elle peignait déjà sur des tambours traditionnels,mais, elle voulait plus.For some reason I cant see any of the replies?If you see him one day in a con, make sure to check this guy real near his face :heart: we worked our butts off 4216 179.This interview montage is really great!Grab a cool harness handmade by thestrapsmith while you're there!I dig it Make sure to follow us on our fb page guys!All reviews posted so far for items created by Fur The Win Studio are listed below.

They will have some of our blank feline head bases (made out of foam) for sale and will be at the Strapsmith's table to answer your questions!
D #zootopiacosplay #fursuit #ftw This was crazy!