Personalize the piece with the traveler's initials or a kissy-face emoji to keep things fun.
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Enter your email here you'll gain instant access to my special VIP zone, featuring freebies like checklists and printables.For some people, long flights are synonymous with swelling and the compression socks usually reserved for combating that problem aren't always of the most attractive ilk.Click here to shop great deals on GoPro.It's the next best thing to a personal assistant.159, m Charge to go Devices don't amount to much without the juice that powers them.Frequent travellers will be seeing and using their luggage constantly, so a nice one that they love is a must ( like this adorable one from Vera Bradley ).SO, if you know that the traveller youre shopping for has a trip in the coming future, one really awesome gift would be to buy him an experience abroad that he wont ever forget something like riding a camel or skydiving!Loads of options for all price ranges.From 37, m A drone that changes everything win a trip to tokyo As with all things drone related, jaw drops come with the territory.In fact, some places have even taken to banning them altogether (Milan, Disney World, the Colosseum).
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The heads-up display projects what's on a smartphone onto the windshield so there's no looking down to see what Waze is doing or who's texting.

Separate work and life sections keep laptops away from clothes, and hidden pockets in the shoulder straps gift ideas for squad make for easy access to things like metro cards and headphones.585, m An in-ear translator Blank stares in the face of foreign languages will soon be a thing of the past.Get them a Nifty mobile charger.Courtesy Khataland The first clue that YoFoMat is not your normal yoga mat : It's meant to fold.Adding to the allure, Hook Albert's latest line of weekenders comes from a partnership with basketball star Chris Paul, who's lent his style to the bag, adding a chevron interior as a nod to his grandfather who owned a service station.When folded, it also doubles as an ideal meditation mat.It's a two-for-one deal with the Meem, really.