The board of education may delegate authority for readmission decisions to the superintendent of schools for the school district.
If the board selects an alternative model, the board shall meet with such school governance council to discuss an agreement on which alternative to adopt not later than ten days after such vote of the board.Such treasurer shall be bonded and shall keep separate accounts for each school lunch program, for each driver education program and for each school fund and each school organization fund included in the school activity fund and shall make expenditures from such fund in the.(c) by expanding existing provisions re safe school climate plan and making conforming changes, and added Subsec.(5 best perfume gift for girlfriend india (9) and (10 redesignating existing Subdiv.(f) Not later than July 1, 2014, each local or regional board of education that offers student aquatic activities at a school swimming pool shall adopt a school swimming pool safety plan that ensures compliance with this section and includes any other provisions deemed necessary.Not later than thirty calendar days after receiving such plan, the department shall approve or reject such plan.(i) and amended same by adding provision re suspension of electoral process during period of reconstitution, adding provision re when, for what reasons and for how long commissioner may reappoint existing members or appoint new members to reconstituted board, adding Subdiv.
Section 10-234 is repealed.

(b) Not later than a date prescribed by the commissioner, each local and regional board of education shall establish a professional development and evaluation committee.Former school committee was agent of law and not of the town.96-101 effective May 8, 1996.Know someone who might want to learn to train teachers with gitc?(a) The Commissioner of Revenue Services shall grant a credit against any tax due under the provisions of chapter 207, 208, 209, 210, 211 or 212, in any income year commencing prior to January 1, 2014, for the donation to a local or regional board.(1) and making that provision applicable to pupils in grades 3 to 12, redesignating existing Subdivs.
Any student who is involuntarily placed in seclusion shall be frequently monitored by a school employee.

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(2) Upon the discovery of a breach of security that results in the unauthorized release, disclosure or acquisition of directory information, student records or student-generated content, a contractor shall notify, without unreasonable delay, but not more than sixty days after such discovery, the local.
(a) The Department of Education, in consultation with the State Education Resource Center, established pursuant to section 10-357a, the Governor's Prevention Partnership, the Commission on Women, Children and Seniors and the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence, shall establish, within available appropriations, a state-wide safe school.