I ask You to quickly perform Your Word, trusting that malalai yousafzai nobel peace prize it will not go out from You and return to You void, but rather that it will accomplish that which pleases You.
May he lead his family into the path of righteousness becoming a genuine example of man of God.
Guard and protect both mother and child as the day for delivery draws ever closer and keep them from all the perils and dangers of this life looking to Jesus in Whom is life and light and help and wholeness.
One can also send gifts along with them.The wishes for the grandparents can be sent through beautiful cards along with gifts for the new born baby and the grandparents.Lord You have heard my prayers as you did Hannah in the bible and have granted me the privilege of bringing a new little caroline gardner discount code life into the world.Prayer #6, almighty God, our Father, you who have given us life and intended us to have it forever, grant us your blessings.We need to pray for babies protection and health even though its in a womb.I thank you that You are gifts for political activists giving this little baby to us as a gift, but also as a gift for the world.Why not turn it into a nice pendant to attach to anything, from a key chain to a necklace or a bracelet.Being grandparents of a baby boy is one of the happiest moments of the grandparents.
Prayer #1, praise Your name and thank You Father for the little baby that is about to be born.

This is the first one.Their safety comes from the Lord they will have a safe delivery.One of the favorites of mothers-to-be is the cake with a sonogram on the belly.Lord, you are her dwelling place, and let her rest in the knowledge that evil will not come near them and no sickness or infirmity will strike her or her unborn child.Since the most obvious things to use in these cases are the sonograms with pictures and recordings of the babys heartbeat, lets see just how creative we can get with that and make one special woman happy on her first time celebrating Mothers Day.I cast all the care and burden of this pregnancy over on You, Lord.

This certainly is one of the Mothers Day presents from unborn Baby she will wear non-stop.
Get an artist to make his own interpretation of the sonogram you show him/her.