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Merging with Bliss.
Ascension: The Time Is Now - 26:16.
Michael Hammer (Yahoel) - Dolphin Light (1995).Spark of Divine Light.When you relax and listen to each of the uplifting meditations on this CD you will experience the presence, guidance, and frequency of Archangel Michael as channeled by Melanie Beckler.Blue Flame.Kumara Web jurassic world app promo code of New Consciousness (5:00).Receiving the Dispensation Program 2 (5:45).Now Available For.95, shipped from the US but available for purchase internationally!Receiving the Dispensation Program 1 (4:32).Manifesting With Your Guardian Angel.Visualizing a Light Shield.Archangel Michael is a powerful spiritual being of unconditional love and light.
Heaven of Joy.

Initiation of the Zohar.Lotus Flame Within the Heart (7:17).Archangel Michael is the easiest Archangel to hear and connect with, and he will help you to learn to connect and manifest with your guardian angels as well.Together with Michael (Yahoel) they comprised the "Octahedron an alliance that served to anchor the energies of Above, (The Great Central Sun) and Below, (The Earth for the purpose of bringing Heaven and Earth together as One for Ascension.Michael Hammer - Yahoel - Inner Planes.Meditations Included On This CD:.Gifts of the Archangels (6:13).Opening the 13th chakra.Doorway To The Pleiades - 14:00.Ascension Activation of Divine Love.
For more information on Ascension and catalog of tapes with activational meditations by Zandriel and Shilea write to: The Light of Ascension.O.
Opening Awareness of Inner Planes -.52.