A b Episode "The Gathering Final Shooting Script,.6., in Highlander: The Series (season 1) (DVD, Davis-Panzer Productions, Inc., 2001 disk.
Or one has an autopan on it, so we have it shifting from left to right." 44 Temporary death edit In puntos membership rewards the first film, it was implied that Immortals could not die once shot or stabbed, as seen when in the flashback to 1944, Connor.
Panzer explains that if "an Immortal is decapitated by something other than the sword of the Immortal he was fighting, (.) what we thought was, as long as an Immortal is present, he gets the Quickening." 24 If an Immortal is beheaded and there.
The fans used to ask, 'Do you know all the rules from the beginning?' and it's just like in life: You don't know any of the rules.The only bond between them are oral traditions called the Rules transmitted from teacher to student.Citation needed Most Immortals feel their resurrection is a miracle.Episode "Run For Your Life Bonus Material, Bill Panzer and David Abramowitz's interview, in Highlander: The Series (season 2) (DVD, Davis-Panzer Productions and Gétévé, 2003 disk.We simply are." In the television series episode ".This will be one of our signature shots of the show.Maybe they come from the Source." 2, it is not known yet what the Source actually.31 The wounds they get heal normally; Colin MacLeod, for example, carries a permanent diagonal scar on his face as a result of his head having been cleaved in two, causing his First Death.Episode "Line Of Fire in Highlander: The Series, (season 3) (DVD, Davis-Panzer Productions, Inc.Episode "Innocent Man in Highlander: The Series, (season 1) (DVD, Davis-Panzer Productions, Inc., 2001 disc.Consequently, Immortals are usually very fond of their weapons, and almost always have them handy.Highlander: Endgame, Connor MacLeod says, "We are the seeds of legend, but our true origins are unknown.But this being television in the early 1990s, we couldn't have a lot of body parts flying around.David Abramovitz, Creative Consultant on Highlander: The Series, explains, "Because there can be only one, at the end there will be only one.
In the, highlander universe, the origin of the Immortals is unknown.
The only difference is that they are supposed to play the Game, and trusting another Immortal can result in a severed head.

The introduction of the series and subsequent sequels rendered that conclusion void, or at least only valid in an alternate time line.A b Episode "The Hunters in Highlander: The Series (season 1) (DVD, Davis-Panzer Productions, Inc., 2001 disk 8).11 The Rules also dictate that when one challenges another to combat, the two Immortals are supposed to duel one-on-one.25 The converse can also happen; Darius is the only known example of a Light Quickening.It does not grow back, does not regenerate." 48 Creative Consultant David Abramowitz explains, "it posed a number of questions for us, as to whether a hand regenerates and we had decided that it didn't, even for Immortals.You're forgetting the rules.The Quickening that the winning Immortal receives at the end of a fight is extremely draining, and leaves the recipient unable to protect themselves, allowing another Immortal an easy kill.33 Immortals are sterile and they have perfect dentition.He falls on his knees when his friend Lucas Desiree is beheaded by Howard Crowley, and he knows it is Lucas who died.And said you were a changeling.As Ramírez reminds Connor MacLeod, "If your head comes away from your neck, it's over." 4 This concept of Immortals beheading each other to be the "last man standing" is referred to as "the Game" and is summarized in the signature Highlander motto, "In the.
Within the film, highlander, upon winning the prize, Connor shouted ecstatically, "I feel everything!

The Gathering edit In Highlander, Ramírez describes the Gathering to Connor MacLeod in this way: "When only a few of us are left, we will feel an irresistible pull towards a far away land, to fight for the Prize." The Gathering is the reunion.