Make sure to drape your furniture with white sheets.
Drop inside colored gumballs and one eyeball gumball (with the wrapper on).For small children give them some paint and let them paint scary faces on the pumpkins.One by one the guests enter the room blindfolded.If they drop the ball, they have to return to the starting point.Fill a cone to the rim with ice cream and turn it upside down onto a wafer cookie.Obtain small rewards to give the children when they hit the pumpkin all 3 times.At the end of each yarn strand tie a small paper bag of Halloween toys treats.
Also check out these free printable Halloween Bingo games: Youll find many more visitor-submitted games on the Halloween games page, including Mummy Wrap, Suck it Up, Flaming Eyes, Doughnut Ghosts, Pin the Wart, and a whole bunch more.
Instead of carving, you can also provide paint, brushes, glue, wobbly eyes, yarn for hair, stickers, magic markers, etc., and let the guests decorate their own pumpkins and take them home.

Take six white small trash bags and fill them with crumpled newspaper.Pumpkin Hunt Similar to an Easter Egg Hunt, hide small plastic pumpkins with prizes inside.Last year I had an award statue for the best costume, and this went down so well that I announced that the next 2008 party would have a full awards ceremony!Youll also want to carve your own pumpkins!The first player in each group grabs some slime with his hands and runs to an empty cauldron at the other end where he glops it in, then runs back to tag the next kid in line.Let the childs imagination flow freely.When you get to the eyes, have them touch the first eye and explain that this is one eye and heres the second gifts for movie lovers 2016 eye but instead of touching the second eye, stick their finger inside a half tomato!There are more than a hundred haunted cakes with photos and how-to tips hiding behind the links below, so careful when you open them Here are a few more Halloween party ideas for cakes and desserts For a murky graveyard bake a rectangular cake.This is just a few Halloween games you can play.