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There are two rings cut into the forward portion of the bearing surface of the shank.The path of destruction through the buck was impressive: It started by smashing the near shoulder, passed through at an angle and exited behind the ribs on the far side.Terms of Use required Fields.Expansion clearly started early and the wound channel grew large, creating massive damage to the lungs, which indicates a large frontal area with good energy transfer.The GMX is taste adventure sweeps a sleek bullet with a high ballistic coefficient.415 (for.30 caliber, 150-grain bullet) and proved to be accurate in my rifles.To meet the specified cartridge overall length they must be seated deeper into the case, which robs powder space.email, this is where you will receive the answer to your question.This accuracy potential, combined with the high BC, make the GMX a good long-range choice with positive expansion at impact velocities as low as 2000 fps.

M is unable to process your request at this time.The bullets mono-metal copper alloy construction means that it shoots far more cleanly than lead, and also that it will not separate so sweepstakes central usa iphone x it will retain 95 percent of its weight during penetration.Hornday's new "expanding solid" bullet.name, this will be displayed next to your question.Another impressive trait is that it retains a long shank after expanding, which aids in straight penetration.They open early, but once the expansion reaches the solid shank below the hollow cavity in the nose, the expansion stops.This 270 Win cartridge from Hornadys Superformance line of ammunition features a 130 grain GMX projectile.The boattail-style GMX has a polymer tip to raise the ballistic coefficient and to aid in initiating expansion.But it's tough enough to withstand high-speed, close-range impacts as fast as 3400 fps.To compare, I fired a 180-grain Hornady Interbond.30-06 at the Perma-gel.Its technologically advanced bullet along with its Boxer primed reloadable brass casing makes this round a great investment in your next hunting season.
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