The Irish professional mixed martial artist and professional boxer Conor McGregor is known for his extravagant lifestyle and trash talking.
Nevertheless, the 40-year-old Mayweather is expected to at least earn 100 million for the fight and, if the event hits all of its monetary metrics, his take could burgeon to four times that much.McGregor, conor McGregor may not have come out on top as far as wins and losses, but he was definitely earned himself a nice payday against Floyd Mayweather.But as Mayweather is co-promoting the event in with the UFC, he is hoping to earn over 230m from the event.But will it be a legit fight?Conor McGregor wasnt making a ton cool gifts for 5 year old boy of money in his UFC fights before changing over to the boxing world for his one night only affair, or at least he wasnt if you compare it to what he made against Floyd Mayweather on Saturday night.How could you get tired of this?

How Much Will Mayweather Make?While his biggest payout in the UFC was 3 million for a fight, he made that times 10 against the boxing legend.Its easy to dismiss McGregors chances.His belief in himself is nothing like Ive ever seen before, White said.Not bad for a night's work.Will McGregor be able to land a crippling blow?In case youre curious, a more optimistic estimate for McGregor say, a 5 PPV cut and.5 million PPV buys would equate to nearly 622,000 per second (8 million total).".HIT play, share article.For starters hes got 12 years on Mayweather.

Will It Make More Money Than Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao?
Different numbers are flying all over the internet, so #teamalpha has decided to navigate through the sea of trivia to find out just how much money the two boxers stand to make.
Neither Leonard Ellerbe, chief executive officer for Mayweather Promotions, nor UFC Dana White discussed financial details during the conference call.