Select the title from the list of eligible movies and tell us how many tickets you bought, and we'll give you a registration code.
Will I earn points on digital items when I buy a code at retail and redeem it on my PlayStation Network (PSN) account?
Yes, you will earn points for Music Unlimited subscriptions if they are bought with your PSN wallet.
You will earn points for PlayStationStore purchases on the day you link your account but will not be able to earn for any purchases before the day that the accounts are linked.Follow these easy steps to turn your stub(s) into points.(For example: if a Member who does not have a Card linked to his/her Account earns 500 points in June 2011, such Member must redeem the 500 Points by 11:59pm ET on March 31, 2012 or the Member will forfeit the points.).You should also be receiving their weekly emails, if you're a registered member.Where can I see my Sony Rewards points balance?Can I link my accounts if my PlayStation Network (PSN) account and Sony Rewards email addresses don't match?Will I earn points on purchases even if I buy items on the PSN online store?

Why can't I join Sony Rewards?Other than by shopping, those are the only current "free points" methods the Sony Rewards site lists.However you wont bp driver rewards discount code earn points on rentals or purchases made on apps such as Vudu or Amazon.Can I like all of them to one Sony Rewards account?Hope this helps, -Dennis.What can I get with Sony Rewards points?If you have a DVD or Bluray disc collection, some of those are eligible to be registered for free points.
As a Sony Rewards member, you can earn points by uploading ticket stub(s) from select Sony films.
No, you will only be able to link one PlayStation Network (PSN) account to one Sony Rewards account.