illusen quest prizes

The faster you guess the more neopoints you get.
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And they're all free, thanks to the kind donations of Neopian citizens.Instead, it will say: Generous NC Mall Shopper.Make a donation to the well and make a wish for an item that you would like, usually gives out 1 paintbrush per day, and various other wishes.The Daily Neopets, neopets Articles, neopets Dailies, this is The Daily Neopets' comprehensive and up-to-date Neopets dailies list.Depends on the reward.Will I still be able to open the Fortune Cookies if they no longer for sale in the NC Mall?Weltrude's Toy Chest, look in the Toy Chest (once a day).Click on the fortune cookie in your inventory to use.You might have to wait a while between catches.You can do this once a day.
Some items can be quite valuable, and gaining stats can save you on training costs.

The higher the number the better your prize!We have many game guides located in our Neopets Game Guides section too.General FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about NC Fortune Cookies in General In the section below you can see all the questions and answers from the Neopets Help Page.Item Name: Your Username Your Email (Optional) Comments / concerns.If you are not sure who else you wish to send your item to or do not want to send your item at this time, simply close the pop-up screen.Play Featured Game Play Games for Neopoints (top) Petpet Rescue Score 550 pts/game 1000 NP x 3 3000 NP Itchy Invasion Score 1280 pts/game 1000 NP x 3 3000 NP Fashion Fever Score 300 pts/game 300 NP x 3 900 NP Edna's Shadow Score 940.You can do this once a day (if its gone, try again later) (you get 2 meals per jelly).If you are training, you can attempt these quests.Donating more or higher valued items does not give you a higher chance of getting a better reward.
The item inside your fortune cookie will also be the same item when you open it again.
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In order to receive your donation prize you must donate the number of NC items mentioned.
Yes, you can enter your own username into the username field and the item from the cookie will be sent to your account.