CTY's 25 residential and day sites in the.S.
Tentative Dates for Summer 2019, session 1: June 23 July 12, july 7 July 26 (Hong Kong sites).
Summer 2019 Hong Kong sites, one session only: July 7 July.
CTY's gifted and talented summer programs offer bright students the opportunity to engage in challenging academic work in the company of peers who share their exceptional abilities and love of learning.We anticipate domestic day sites beginning a week later, but that has not been settled.And Hong Kong serve thousands of students each year from all 50 states and dozens of countries around the world.Please check back here for updates later in the fall.Outside of class, students participate in a full and fun social program at all locations, from sports and games to talent shows and band practice.While the focus is on rigorous academics and learning, the social experience that results from bringing these students together is an integral part of the program.Qualifying students come from all walks of life and a variety of educational backgrounds to spend three weeks immersing themselves in their academic passions, meeting others like themselves, and growing intellectually and personally.Session 2: July 14 August 2, sevenly coupon code please note that, as in recent years, some sites may begin a week earlier or later than the dates listed above.

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