Reward, meaning, an award is a prize given to somebody for accomplishing something rare.
This is done to encourage their hard work in the future.
A stranger brings him to the hospital, informs his family about the accident and takes full care of him to save his life.Key Differences, conclusion, comparison Chart, basis for Comparison, award.They are generally in the form of gifts, prizes, trophies, accolade, cash, certificates, etc.Example: Manohar was rewarded with the "best employee of the month" certificate in Citi bank project.Hardships, Honesty and Loyalty, Helping someone in need, Merit etc.Moreover, it is also a sign of pride as well as admiration, that an individual has achieved something, for which he tried really hard and due to his full dedication, devotion, and determination, he got success.Conclusion Keeping aside the above differences, there are some things in common, in the two terms like they both are a symbol of something positive is done, which is of great value and recognition in the eyes of people.A reward is something (usually money) given in return for a person's service, merit, hardship, etc.Key Differences Between Award and Reward.On the other hand, a reward is given for efforts done, services rendered, selfless act, helping someone, allure beauty box discount meeting targets in time, etc.By using our site you agree to our Privacy Policy.

An award can be understood as the prize or any other equivalent mark of recognition, endowed to honor an achievement.Reward may or may not be given in public, it is a kind of compensation given to a person for their good work.Form, medals, Trophies, Scholarship, Ribbons, Certificate, Prize, Cash etc.This thank you is a reward for his benevolent act.The decision to choose the best man is a difficult task, so the judgment to pick the right person is done by either a panel of experts or by voting where people selects the winner or by award organizers.Reward is not a prize.Award may be used as a noun or as a transitive verb, which is a verb that takes an object.

The effort could be anything, like helping others in need, showing honesty and Loyalty towards the organization by doing good r rewards nomination or voting is not required, can be given by an individual or as a team.
Miss Universe Award (Beauty oscar Award (Film definition of Reward.