The photo opening is approximately 2-1/4" x 3-1/4".
Mom was sitting with the coke rewards 2017 steaming cup held in both hands, holding it up to her face and blowing on it to try and cool it down.
Mom asked, raising her eyebrow.My son loves digging, picking leaves, collecting rocks digging dirt.Ordering a burger fries sharing an over-sized milkshake sometimes we just hit chick-fil-a!Pride when I think of the everyday accomplishments you thrilled me with.11 / dinner date.A treasured picture of the happy couple can be easily inserted in the cut-out opening making this gift even more special.Do you have some ideas to add to this list?She asked and handed me a cup.The atmosphere in the room changed, putting a stop to that conversation.I just cant believe how grown up youve become.Mom yawned and shambled over to the kitchen, sitting down on one of the stools in front of the free standing kitchen counter.Ill plow the shit out of that snow, I answered, jokingly.I collaborated with Jordan.Supplies FOR your house, gIFT, boxes: -Printable house template -Scissors -X-acto blade -Double-sided tape -Ruler scoring tool, print the house gift box template.Good morning, I replied.It was getting pretty late in the evening but we still stayed up for a while, sitting close, enjoying each others company.

We have sets of shovels rakes so he can help dig holes and plant gift ideas starting with letter m seeds he loves watching the plants grow.The presents lay hidden under layers of clothes in my sports bag.18 / build a puzzle.Thanks honey, Mom said, smiling.Phrase Above Son's Name (optional) - Examples: To Our Son On Your Wedding Day, To My Wonderful Son, etc.Hah, Im not sure I should share that much.Hey there hot stuff!My mother, who was 42, looked great for her age.What about me what?But I couldnt say that.

I asked, perhaps being a bit too pushy with my questioning.
Ours offers accompanied rides for young children.