Blue sky, then raising Highlights Smoothness will control them and even allow you to push the Strength slider to higher values.
The answer to correct tone reversals is raise the Smoothing followed by lowering the Strength.
Why the noise anyway?You can download a free trial version of aegean airlines discount Photomatix from m, get 15 off the Photomatix program (reg.Keep the next 3 boxes unchecked for now, create a Dry Run tone mapped image, save it and inspect it for ghosting, noise and chromatic aberrations.Heres a few of mine that I enjoyed creating.Wow, notice the noise is gone and the halos are barely visible but Tommy has given up some local contrast in the Memorials.Tip: When making slider adjustments keep an eye on the histogram window.When emailing your documentation please use a standard email attachment format like jpeg or PDF.Many possibilities to adjust the HDR and always lots of presets to get you started.Nothing too fancy but it adds to the painterly look.Tone Reversals Give an image an unnatural appearance by creating strong tone reversals and halos and most people will say, Wow!Lower Strength to render the shadow are darker remember increasing Strength moves the image toward tone reversals.Ghosting in your image?
Having this 15 itunes gift card free file on hand saves you a little time if you decide to tone map the image again with different settings.

This will allow you to compare the corrected image with the original.A night scene may benefit from desaturated shadows and a scene with a bright blue sky may benefit from greater highlight saturation.First chose the Semi-manual option.I sometimes refer to the single-shot look of Exposure Fusion to see how extreme my tone mapped image looks.Note this is not noise.If the 32-bit image appears just click.YES, the present thinking is to convert your RAW files to 16-bit TIF for better results.
It helps to photograph a variety of scenes even at different times of day to learn the pitfalls of HDR tone mapping.
In Photoshop, I create layers and blend one of the single exposures into the tone mapped image.

Exposure Fusion is another operator but doesnt work with the 32-bit file.
Each is accessed as a drop down in the top left portion of the window.
Well I merged images that didnt capture the full dynamic range, tisk tisk.