The Forum will go through the following topics: 22nd November 23rd November tech tour, agenda subject TO changes - speakers TBC 08:00 Welcome to RailSIMtech - Rail Simulation Technology Forum.
Coffee, SIM technology exhibition and networking sessions.00 -.30, designing for compact simulators and a blended learning approach.
Networking with the users central excise rebate claim time limit user group.30.00.
Methodology can be used.10.00 -.30 How to train the immediate response of lookouts in high-risk and stressful environments with VR simulation.30.00.Simulator manufacturers to demonstrate a competitive advantage.Rail simulators can be a massive financial investment for rail organisations.10.00.30, human factors IN simulation AND gaming environments.Coffee, SIM technology exhibition and networking sessions.00.30 training simulators FOR operation AND maintenance OF railway energy systems.30.00 Simulation developments for a train control interface.00.30 using simulators FOR testing high-frequency train service FOR traffic operators Developing concepts for integrating freight.What types of technology do we use and what we are looking at next.30 -.00.

Ongoing cooperation of educators, IT and innovation.Biometric measurements of train traffic controllers.Our Events: Forthcoming estec - Energy Simulation Technology Exhibition Conference will be held in Barcelona on the 30th - 31st May 2018 The enpps - European Nuclear Power Plant Simulation Forum will be held in Birmingham on the 3rd - 4th October 2018 The RailSIMtech.16.30 -.00, panel Discussion: Future Trends and impact of Simulation Technology as a tool for Education in Railway Engineering.00.Measuring cognition in different sushi gift set human-in-the-loop simulation environments.Rail organisations have been behind the curve in fully utilising the power of simulation.This data is available and could provide decision makers at all levels with intelligence on all aspects of the rail system from train paths and running times to user ergonomics and incident recovery.This is done by testing the draft timetable in a very early phase with a micro simulation model.Modern training concepts require trainees to learn independently for themselves.Identifying links between simulator performance AND performance ON THE JOB IN THE rail industry.14.30.00 detailed feasibility assessment OF timetables during THE design phase Improving the quality of the timetable during the design process.
This will cover the introduction of new compact simulators to and how we will use them in initial training, and also look at how we are approaching the scenario design process (not only for the change to compacts but looking at cross industry best practice).