If you are in the center of town, look at how much street parking is worth per day, if monthly passes are available to non residents. .
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UK and I had just bought a car so I asked for a rate to leave the car there in someones garden.
How much does a parking space rent for?If you are renting a condo with a parking space and comparing prices to another listing without one, go through those considerations to see if it makes more sense adding the parking to the rent or not.I looked it up when I moved out of the.BUT if the flat tenant vacates, he would vacate the parking space as well, leaving me without TWO streams of income.But usually, since everyone works 9 to 5, you go to work at 830am, the guy parks in your spot at 845am, vacates at 515pm and you get home at 530pm.It is the perfect place to put it for rent.A few websites target short and medium term peer to peer parking rentals.Put a word in the elevator or drop leaflets under their door with your contact number.Renting on weekdays, one thing that seems quite popular where I live is renting your parking space during office hours.If you decide to take in two tenants to share the space, draw contracts with strict hours, and give one the phone details of the other so they can communicate directly if they want to amend hours.At 6pm, street parking is free until the next australian survivor 2016 prize morning, so if people are working extra hours, they can move their car or you can park in the street while they vacate.

Would you consider it?Renting your driveway and garden as parking space.I started asking for 100 and immediately was inundated by demand, then raised to 120 with the last tenant, who was also really happy to take the space.Put ads at the bakery, the supermarket, or the community center.I have never had a default in payment in 4 years.The man had RVs, boats and all kind of vehicles parked in his back garden for a fee.In the UK I have an underground parking space two blocks away from the town center, next to several office buildings.He may be replaced by someone without a car, so what should I do, keep the parking empty hoping that person will vacate soon, or rent it, only to find the person is going away next month and the third tenant really wants the now.
Second best is, craigslist and the local ad board.