All new players are taken on a tour of the immediate area, so they understand its unique heritage, and many former players own bars and run charities in the area, including the near-ubiquitous Viva Con Agua, an initiative to provide drinking water to developing countries.
XD Buy cheap FUT coins at m 24/7 automated delivery, Use discount code "matthd" for 5 off all orders.The next day I go back to the Jolly Roger, the fan pub that was too packed to get into the night before.But when the far right started to take over in the 80s, people started to say, We cant stand side by side with Nazis.Led by one girl in a Cockney Rejects beanie, they decide theyre unimpressed Im from an airline magazine, and will only grant photos if I buy the whole bar a drink.This isnt like any other who won the archibald prize 2017 football club, says the amiably tipsy Christian Evachenko, an American army vet whose large frame is dominating the walkway in his St Pauli leather jacket covered in anti-capitalist and punk badges.Im tired, and cant really hack the pace, or the pounding of the Dead Kennedys, so head home to bed (note: light sleepers should avoid hostels on the Reeperbahn).Theres something about this club that resonates with people, he says.Going to watch Celtic these days is nothing like.See our story on this major new venue here.In 2006 (during the World Cup) the club was the site of the fifi Wild Cup, for states not recognised by fifa Northern Cyprus beat Zanzibar in the final, with Gibraltar third and the Republic of St Pauli fourth.Brux accepts you cant run a football club without money, and at press time the club was in a court battle over the rights to sell club merchandise, including the skull and crossbones (theyd sold the rights cheaply in 2003 to save the club from.Can we hit 10,000 Likes?The fans, who boast that they have more female supporters than any other club, launched an inevitable protest, reaching a compromise that there would no stripping during matches.Today he runs the Schmidt Theater and Schmidts Tivoli on the Reeperbahn.Guys from the Fanladen supporters club here came to my wedding, and I went to theirs, he says, before reeling off a rush of FC St Pauli anecdotes: about the St Pauli/Celtic parties that draw 400 Celtic fans to Hamburg; or the tradition of hiring.Cornelius Corny Littmann, who was club president from 2002-10, was not only Europes first openly gay football club president, but the theatre impresario and owner was instrumental in saving the club from oblivion in 2003.

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Nothing that followed was planned, says Brux like the time that Doc Mabuse, the singer of a local punk band, stole a skull and crossbones flag from the Hamburger Dom carnival next to the stadium.They started coming to St Pauli and, as he describes it, I was hooked like a fish.Still, it remains unique.Nazis and hooligans were ruling the terraces, and if you saw football supporters at the central station, thered be trouble.Around 30,000 of these fans turn up to most games even, as Brux says, when its pissing with rain and the football is complete crap.It was funded, built and decorated entirely by supporters, and the walls are covered in a mix of graffiti, stickers and black and white archive images of the Millerntor Stadium, creating a kind of punk living museum.
The three or four people in the clubs office have swollen to almost 50, and Brux seems almost rueful when he points out that theres now a corporate identity department.
The reason, he says, is because we are here for the supporters like no other club.