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Duration of programme: This is a three year full-time programme.
Programme content: You will be introduced to basic needs and requirements for the whole spectrum of property development.Some may prefer to enter into an academic career.Curriculum subjects first year: Podiatric Medicine I, Anatomy and Physiology I, Social aarp christmas gift ideas Studies, Chemistry.A file retention policy is provides a step-by-step outline of the processes and procedures on how firm files should be closed, retained and destroyed.Selection The selection process for the Graphic Design programme takes the form of two projects which are to be produced by applicants and included in a portfolio.Semester 4: Food Microbiology III, Microbial Biochemistry III, Process Technology and Management I, Bioprocessing III.Books - approximately R550.Second year: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Medical Microbiology, Physiology, Epidemiology, Social Studies.It is also required that candidates have been active in this field as a practitioner.Do not make use of mechanical drawing equipment such as rulers and compass sets.
Second year: Anatomy II, Physiology II, Biochemistry II, Medical Microbiology II, Epidemiology I, Social Studies.
Curriculum subjects Analytical Chemistry IV, Inorganic Chemistry IV, Organic Chemistry IV, Physical Chemistry IV, Chemical Project.

Duration of programme: One year full-time, or two years part-time.Career opportunities The programme equips students with the technical know-how for well-paid positions in the metallurgical industry.Curriculum subjects Mineral Engineering Management (Adv) IV, Modern Mining Practice and Papers (CM) IV, Mining Services: Coal Mining IV, Legal Knowledge: Mining.General information Cost: R6 500* plus R1 500 for books.Curriculum subjects Mineral Engineering Management IV, Mine Planning IV, Mine Valuation IV, Mine Survey.In any economic climate, industries which rely on advertising to generate sales or disseminate information, will ensure a constant need for talented designers.You will be taught how to do refractions, detect eye diseases and give vision funky christmas gift ideas training.Study information National Diploma entrance requirements: A Senior chase freedom gift card deals Certificate or a qualification of equivalent standard.Curriculum subjects Strength of Materials IV, Stress Analysis IV, Fluid Mechanics IV, Turbo Machines IV, Mechanics of Machines IV, Automatic Control IV, Thermodynamics IV, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning IV and Strategic Studies, or not more than two subjects from another engineering field.