Safety, we have a safety culture throughout our organization, both on our ships and gridiron club loyalty rewards madden 17 within our Seattle, Washington headquarters.
Sprinkler systems throughout the ships.
Our mandatory training includes week-long sessions in an actual simulator.
Safety hiring THE right people, every nautical and engineering officer on our ship has a government license either issued or approved by our flag state that confirms they have met the requirements for their position on the size of ships that we operate.In addition to IMO requirements, every ship operates under the maritime laws of a specific country, referred to as the ships flag state.Our people understand to never assume that everything is being done as it should.Our Seattle management team also holds periodic drills with regulatory authorities.For example, in conjunction with the.S.These drills are mandatory for all passengers and non-compliance may result in disembarkation.In addition, every ship is divided into fire zones that are separated by fire screen doors that can be operated from the ships bridge and fire-rated bulkheads in order to minimize the risk of fire spreading beyond one fire zone.These requirements vary by position and, as would be expected, are particularly rigorous for our senior officers.Safety training AND drills.
Our senior management team operates under a trust but verify philosophy which means going on the ships and ensuring that our practices meet the requisite standards.
To ensure that training is effective, our people are regularly drilled so that should an actual emergency ever occur, they are ready to respond.

We have monthly safety and environmental self-audits that are performed on all of our ships.Safety - regulatory framework, cruise ship safety is governed by numerous international, federal, state, provincial and local laws and regulations.During these drills, the firefighting teams practice implementing plans that have been developed to provide guidance for fighting fires in the different parts of a ship.Several times a year, we activate our Incident Command Center in Seattle and, for several hours, we deal with a simulated emergency, the nature of which is not disclosed in advance to the participants.Furthermore, the Designated Person is given 24/7 direct access to our Chief Executive Officer to ensure that the necessary attention and resources can be brought to bear on any serious problem that might be identified.We also conduct live fire drills at training facilities around the world and have expert trainers on our full-time different valentines gifts payroll who regularly visit all of our ships several times during the year.The results of those audits are reported both to our Chief Executive Officer as well as to a Committee of our parent companys Board of Directors that was specifically created to ensure that audit findings are timely and effectively addressed by management.Law that apply to ships calling.S.
Similar inspection programs exist around the world with particularly rigorous inspections performed throughout Europe and South America as well as in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries.