(See details in the county section below.) Santa Clara Silicon Valley Power : Silicon Valley Power offers residents one of the best incentives in the state,.50 per watt.
In other words, the government will subtract the amount that you pay for your solar system from the amount that you owe in taxes.
Turlock Irrigation District PV Rebates Program : The commercial program is fully subscribed, but the residential program is still available.For more info on commercial tax benefits please contact your tax preparer or a tax attorney.California Solar Initiative Multi-Family Affordable Housing (mash) and Single Family Affordable Housing (sash) : This program opens and closes at different times of the year, so if you are likely to qualify and it is not currently open, you should get on the wait list.After all incentives are taken into account, many Glendale residents see a cost per installed watt for solar PV below 2 - which is why those rebates are snapped up so quickly.Here is a guide, in alphabetical order, to local solar incentives in California.The program is currently set to expire on December 31st, 2021.The goal of this initiative is to install 360 megawatts of solar power on new homes and for 50 of new homes to have solar electric power by 2016.
David Jeffries owns Sierra Nevada Solar, a company that helps consumers connect with the best solar contractors in their area.

That being said, all the rebates have been gobbled.The Pacific Power is currently at step six for residential projects,.45 per watt, with one step remaining.Modesto Photovoltaic Rebate Program : The Modesto solar rebates program has been set.40 per watt with a cap of 5 kilowatts (2,000 max which started taking applications on January 5, 2015.Shasta Lake : Shasta Lake has a solar PV buy-down program that is currently (but not indefinitely) suspended.Additional considerations can boost the adder considerably.California solar incentives by city, anaheim Solar PV Buy Down Program : Like many municipal agencies, Anaheim Public Utilities has incentive programs that open and close.The general CSI program has closed since reaching its budgetary limit, however there is still funding left in the sash program.You may also have heard of a nhsp rebate for up to 500 on west facing arrays on new homes, but it is scheduled to end in March 2017.This program is available to customers of Pacific Gas Electric, San Diego Gas Electric and Southern California Edison.Please note : The CSI program is now closed and is no longer accepting new applications.This exclusion will remain in place until the property changes ownership the exclusion cannot be gifts for new home builders passed onto a subsequent owner.
Marin County Feed-In Tariff Program : Citizens of Marin County can sell back any excess power to the County - from solar, wind, geothermal, or biomass.