Max is a budding Pokémon trainer, but is too young to receive a Pokémon.
Tabitha appears again in "The Spheal of Approval where he and two Magma Grunts break into the Oceanic Museum in order to steal a rock sample owned by oliver williamson nobel prize Captain Stern.
Casey threw the Poké Ball and caught Elekid, which made Casey glad.
He was once a competitive Trainer, 1 and is generally considered the best in his field.They mainly work in Pokémon Centers, but they also work in other locations.When he gets into something, he analyzes the subject very thoroughly.Olivia Lychee ) Voiced by : Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese Marisa Kennedy (English) She is the Kahuna of Akala Island.Then he smiles, finally accepting him.Cynthia states that she would like to see the day Paul and Ash compete in the Champion League.There, they discovered a similar mechanism that summoned a glowing Giant Rock from underneath the ruin.Their goal is to exploit Pokémon for world domination.
Despite the frequent losses by the hands of Ash and his friends, the trio briefly teamed up with Ash and his friends to defeat more dangerous threats to the world, even helping out in taking down rivaling crime syndicates (such as Team Galactic, Team Plasma.

Lyra Kotone ) Voiced by : Megumi Nakajima (Japanese Eileen Stevens (English) Lyra is a female trainer from Johto who joins Ash and friends for a couple of episodes (from "An Egg Scramble!Similar to his game counterpart, Steven is reserved to himself and interested in collecting stones.Lillie was terrified, while Gladion was not brave enough to defend her.After arriving to the waiting room, Nini gains brown bag clothing student discount courage and wishes Serena luck in winning the Kalos Queen title.It is not known who is the father of Ash, but it isn't clear that Ash's parents have separated, although she has contacted him at least once since Ash left.His usual calm, and a bit playful demeanor is constantly reflected throughout the series, such as during his battles against Alain and Mable; nevertheless, he can be serious when the situation demands.