I like the baristas. .
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The store location maps are now much more accurate.In other words, the more Starbucks you enjoy, the higher the level!They are always cordial, and always fix the issue, but 8 out of 10 times?Update* A best christmas gifts from target reader informed me that if your local Targets Starbucks does not redeem the lucky dozen and birthday rewards, contact Starbucks and they will give you the freebie treat in your cash balance.How to enter star codes After you sign into your Starbucks account, scroll down to My Rewards under the My Account section. .These notices will be sent via text or email.Not that they were listening to me in particular, but it shows that they are trying to make this app a truly useful piece of software.There are three levels in the rewards program. .How to sign up for email and text messages From the landing page after logging into your Starbucks account, click on Edit by the My Profile heading: On the next page click on (1) Contact Info in the left side bar and then (2) add/update.They will notify you of free earned rewards, upcoming promotions, sales, coupons, etc.Participate in the Star Dash!And No matter how much I love Starbucks, lets face it they are expensive!Update* Starbucks confirmed that emails to members are exclusive to each member and are generated based on the members activity at Starbucks (in store and online).Once purchased, peel off the sticker, find the code on the back, and enter online (instructions to enter the codes, with screen shots, are further down in this post).Participate in exclusive email and text messaging offers such as buy a 5 gift card for a friend and receive a 5 gift card for yourself. .

For example, from January 7 to January 10 earn a bonus star for coffees bought after 2 pm ( this is an example only and does not apply to the current year).To get a more detailed account of your Gold level benefits and earned stars, click on See more details next to the My Rewards. .After so many stars, receive reward level benefits!You can now start using it to earn rewards!Like I said in my posts.I won't deduct stars because to be honest, the same thing happens whether you use the app or pay cash at the register.The rewards history will show you the current month (past months can also be seen when clicked) and the days you earned stars as well as how many stars you earned on those days.
Earn bonus stars during appointed dates or times.