Needed replacement for other bulb that was broken.
The version I tested is a new one; that means it could have changed from the original, including performance which is quite weak., esto es lo que nutcracker sweets promo code yo llamaría un fougere (oriental) moderno.This Rabanne offering despite being mostly stripped down and reduced to the minimun elements to be recognized as a fougere (citruses, moss, amber does the job and with the addition of vanilla and mint (quite subdued and not too herbal) creates a nice contrast keeping.Puede que no sea una obra maestra o innovadora pero aporta un apreciable y moderno giro al género.El acorde de ámbar también está bastante bien hecho, no chillón o demasiado fuerte, manteniendo las cosas juntas y dando una buena base al aroma.Este título recae constantemente en YSL -contemporáneo pero ahora un clásico- Rive Gauche y a pesar de lo bueno que este aroma es, realmente no destila "moderno" ni en su concepto ni en su ejecución.This title constantly falls on YSL -contemporary but now classic- Rive Gauche and as good as this scent is, it doesn't really scream "modern" neither in its concept nor in its execution.Es esta mezcla sintética?Esta oferta de Rabanne a pesar de estar mayormente despojada y reducida a los elementos mínimos para ser reconocido como un fougere (cítricos, musgo, ámbar cumple con la clasificación y con la adición de vainilla y menta (bastante tenue y no demasiado herbal) crea.The amber accord is also quite well done, not screechy or too loud, keeping things together and giving a nice base to the scent.
Is this blend synthetic?
This is what I'd call a modern (oriental) fougere.

Es equilibrada y agradable de llevar?These bulbs are wonderful and I notice a great night-lite type of glow in the back yard that adds to the secutiry of the area.La versión que probé es nueva; eso significa que podría haber cambiado desde el original, incluido el rendimiento, que es bastante débil.May not be a masterpiece or groundbreaking but adds a nice -modern- twist to the genre.They attract lots of bugs.Actually, since the bug zapper uses 2 bullbs, replaced both since they last a couple years.The zapping noise is great and continuous on some nights.Is it balanced and pleasant to wear?The opening key bank promotion code is quite fresh with a blast of mint and amber.
The amber is consistent while the mint fades a bit.
A subtle sweetness lingers for the duration of the scent though.

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