Bomb 1 (BQZ RGJ DXR).
New items: Weight, red die, screwdriver 3 myriad toys discount Look at the desk.
Historical Adventure Saga Books about a historical adventure.Use the key on the face recognition device, then tap the device after it.Take the helmet from the armchair and put it on the suit of armor.Take the short spear and the slingshot from the suit of armor.Tenmyouji: Yes, yes.Also used as ammo in the slingshot for the balloon, but the player does not need to retrieve it themselves.Put that into the safe to get the gold file.The tablet will display the escape code.Used to activate the facial recognition device.Quark: Maybe it's saying that it needs a girl?And Lion: Bookshelf D, line 7, free slot.After this, they leave the director's office and head back.It is revealed that Tenmyouji and Quark saw the hologram, which leads them to betray Sigma.
Get the key from inside.

How would any of us dress up like a woman anyway?New Files: Bookmark (File 46/52) 6 Enter the memory card into the small slot of the device in the middle of the room.Tenmyouji: I should drink- Quark: No!The player can choose to avoid examining the photograph who will win patriots or jaguars used on the facial-recognition device when given the chance, however Quark will tease Sigma's curiosity when the safe is opened, preventing progress until the player does.The globe is found on top of the credenza.How old are you?"We should look around.
Placed on the suit of armor to reveal the letter 'L'.