welcome gift bags for destination wedding

Luggage Tag Favors. .
Side Note: Im going to use wedding welcome Bags/Out of town bags and favors interchangeably throughout this post because for a destination wedding you can do one or the other. .The Hits, the biggest welcome bag hits are items that your guests wouldnt think to bring for themselves, items they could easily forget to bring, or gifts that will make their trips easier and more comfortable. .And if you can find a coupon online or buy these in the winter months, you can get them for even less.Dessy has pashmina shawls in almost every color under the sun. .Be Collective does not mark shipments as "gift".Credit: Fun in the Sun Weddings Many of the brides I polled, chose Cuban cigars as a popular destination wedding favor. .There are so many cute travel and beach themed candy packages, that the hard part will be narrowing down your choices. .Personalized Natural Cotton Wedding Favor Bag. .This is something does two numbers on the powerball win anything your guests will never think of bringing themselves, but theyll be super grateful you did! .I also really love the cute.We've made housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, wedding decor, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, cottage cabin signs, family d much, much more.Shot Glasses Credit: Amy Peckins Who doesnt love shot glasses? .
If you have a tight deadline, please contact me before placing your order (if you need quicker than two weeks, please let me know!).
Lauryn Prattes Events curated these white flip-top boxes for a modern wedding.

Buri Fans Color Wood Panel Hand Fan with Organza Bag Personalized Paper Hand Fans Personalized Wedding Paddle Fans. .You also have to keep in mind that some people are picky about the brand they use on their skin/hair. .Printable Key Card Design by Etsy. .I cannot stress enough the importance of contacting me if you are on a tight turn around.Shampoo/Conditioner Sunscreen Toothpaste Towels Beach Balls Key Chains Like everything else related to destination weddings, you have to put a little more thought into welcome bags and favors than a traditional hometown bride would. .Read more on traveling with favors and how to avoid run-ins with Immigration and Customs patrol.Eat, Drink Be Married Burlap Coasters By the Shore Sand Dollar Coaster Compass Cork Coasters. .Here they are in no particular order.
Lip Balm Lip balm with SPF always comes in handy, and you can add some really cute travel or beach themed labels with your name and wedding date for a personalized touch.