You must post or fax us a copy of your Registration Certificate. .
Can I receive a refund for any vouchers I no longer require?
Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) is calculated on your average weekly earnings during weeks 17 25 of your pregnancy.
Please contact the Fideliti Helpline on to confirm how your employer is handling pension contributions.Will my Maternity Pay be affected if b and b discount sales I receive vouchers?If you have any queries or require any assistance in calculating your eligibility for the scheme please contact the.To check whether you would be better in receipt of childcare vouchers or tax credits you can use the hmrc Childcare Indicator:.Fideliti and your employer will do this on your behalf.

By remaining on the voucher scheme throughout your pregnancy your SMP will be reduced.Click here for more information from some of the UK's main childcare voucher providers.You can change your monthly amount but you must give one months notice to Fideliti in writing.Childcare providers are not obliged to accept vouchers.Higher rate tax payer 28 per week / 124 per month.What is Salary Sacrifice?Typically, your pension contributions will remain based on your full salary.What are the qualifying conditions?For the purpose of calculating SMP your lower salary (after childcare vouchers have been deducted) will be used.Your employer recognises how important it is to achieve a balanced working life, particularly if you have demands made on you as a parent.
The Care Commission in Scotland, the Health Social Services Trust in Northern Ireland.

These are then passed on to your carer(s) who can claim them in any of the following ways Tel: Post: returning the voucher to us at the address provided Email: Online: via their online account Please note that payments to childcare providers are made.