why did donald trump win

They didnt do this because theyre stupid or thought that Jesse Ventura was some sort of statesman or political intellectual.
The first people plowed down by the truck in Nice spent their final moments on earth waving at the driver whom they thought had simply lost control of his truck, trying to tell him that he jumped the curb: Watch out!, they shouted.He doesnt volunteer 10 hours in the month leading up to the election.You can take as long as you need in there and no one can make you do anything.For the sake of preventing a proto-fascist from becoming our commander-in-chief, Im breaking that promise.But Trumps psycho finger will be on The Button, and that is that.
By then animals will have been granted human rights and a fuckin hamster is going to be running the country.

Mike, he said, we have to vote for Trump.(Next week I will post my thoughts on Trumps Achilles Heel and how I think he can be beat.) also: Yours, Michael Moore.Like when you hear a loud noise on the street and you think, oh, a tire just blew out, or, wow, whos playing with firecrackers?A woman is about to take over!You dont have to agree with him!Source: Al Jazeera News.They did so coleman tent giveaway just because they could.Our male-dominated, 240-year run of the USA is coming to an end.She never talks in an excited voice when asked why shes voting for Hillary.
As of today, as things stand now, I believe this is going to happen and in order to deal with it, I need you first to acknowledge it, and then maybe, just maybe, we can find a way out of the mess were.
That was enough for him.