# 27, 06:53 AM Registered User Join Date: Jun 2012 Location: Wyoming Posts: 1 I think quite a few good points have already been brought up so far.
Sierra Game Kings are pretty good along with the Barnes long range tipped TSX bullets, but a bit out of my price range.
Bullet Velocity / FPS.: 3,260 3,035 2,822 2,618 2,424 2,237 Bullet Trajectory /.: -.8".3".6" -.4" -.6" -.7" Bullet Energy /.
But for the ranges you selected the 30-06 would serve you much better.I,ve used IMR-4831 also and it will do the job as well.I have only used 165 grain and 180 grain for deer and elk; there is no need for anything heavier.Anyway finding a gal that's pretty, smart and loves to hunt is a one in a million thing.I run both bullets a bit over 3100 FPS.300 Win Mag achieves optimum performance with a 180.Bullet selection becomes crutial and this is where you have to decide what you want to reload for target or hunting.Their getting married in June and going to Africa on a hunt for their honeymoon.I'll not be hunting at these temperatures but that florida discount disney tickets is a hot load.I find that the best bang for my dollar is the Berger VLD's.I have a friend who will be testing it on elk and moose since he goes a lot on those hunts.Your seating depth is where your accuracy is going to come from.I sold both of those and now own.270's and a 7mm-08.300, wM unless you are going after moose, bison, or the Alaskan big bears.
You'll have no idea what you ballistics are without one.

_ Last edited by M1Garand; at 05:40.I haver always used IMR 4350.My favorite long range deer load uses a "starter load" (from the Speer manual) of IMR 4350 behind a 165 gr bullet for a velocity of 3050 fps.Also, if you are seating.030" off the rifling, have you seen Berger's letter on determining best seating depth?Further study shows the subject to be of almost unbelievable complexity." Homer Powley # 23, 05:22 PM Registered User Join Date: Apr 2012 Posts: 1 Im looking for a good target load, 500 yards.Bullets going too fast.There are more things we can do in the persuit of accuracy, but all are not practical.I bought a Ruger M77.Hit a deer with a 270 grain bullet and it will punch a silver dollar sized hole through the animal and you can just about eat the hole.It all starts with your brass sort of like building a house if you start with a crappy foundation it's going to be a crappy overall house Brass- Nosler custom or hornaday are great.I have a winchester model 70 with a 26" barrel.
# 26, 07:42 AM Registered User Join Date: Dec 2011 Posts: 1 I load 165 erra Game King, CCI 250 in Sellier Bellot brass with.
300 Winchester Magnum Rifles: Rifles chambered in this round have a barrel bore land to land diameter.300" and a bore groove to groove diameter.308".